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Message from Chair

About the Seoul Accord > Message from Chair

Seoul Accord Chair: Ir. Prof. Pak-Leung Yuen, HKIE

A forward by Chairman Emeritus: Dr. Joe Turner
The eight signatories of the Seoul Accord have joined together for the primary purpose of contributing to the improvement of computing education worldwide through the mutual recognition of accredited academic computing programs that prepare graduates for professional practice. By establishing desired attributes for graduates of computing programs that prepare graduates for professional practice and by sharing best practices for computing education, we hope to contribute to the acceptance of international standards for the academic preparation of computing professionals and efforts to achieve these standards in computing education throughout the world. Our accord is non-governmental and is not affiliated with any country.

Although our accord is young, having been established in December 2008, our vision is to become recognized internationally as a leader in defining and promulgating standards and guidelines for the academic preparation of computing professionals. Toward this vision, we seek to increase our membership substantially during the next several years.

Our accord is open to any recognized organization that accredits university-level computing programs satisfying the standards and processes that we have established, which are open and available on this website. Acceptance as a signatory requires a thorough examination and approval of an applicant's procedures and accreditation standards, and signatories are re-evaluated periodically to ensure that our processes and standards remain in conformance with those of the accord and remain acceptable for mutual recognition by the other signatories of the accord.

We welcome interest in our accord from any organization with an interest in the academic preparation of computing professionals. Interest parties may contact the accord secretariat or me.