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The Seoul Accord

About the Seoul Accord > The Seoul Accord

The Seoul Accord is a multi-lateral agreement among agencies responsible for accreditation or recognition of tertiary-level computing and IT-related qualifications.

Membership (called being a Signatory) is voluntary, but the Signatories are committed to development and recognition of good practice in computing and IT-related education. The number of Signatories is expected to grow, and the activities of the Accord Signatories are intended to assist growing globalization of mutual recognition of computing and IT-related qualifications.


  • There will be transparency to the accreditation systems of the signatories and to the educational systems to which the accreditation systems are oriented.
  • The Accord should avoid any perception that it is arbitrary and capricious in its practices and policies, including admitting members and applying rules of membership.
  • The Accord should work to become recognized as the international authority on quality assurance for education in the computing and IT-related professions.
  • The Accord will promote and develop best practices for the improvement of education in computing and IT-related disciplines.
  • The Accord should continually review its policies and procedures to ensure that they are relevant and reliable indicators of the future of computing and IT-related technologies.